Friday, July 07, 2006


In the past week both Penny and Meg have called me. They are incredibly loyal friends and talented knitters, and both need to pack up their families and move to Alabama, preferably next-door to me.

Penny and Meg taught me to knit 4 1/2 years ago and have guided me through my first clumsy efforts on to more complicated knitting, all the while encouraging me and patiently and kindly praising my projects. They have refrained from laughing hysterically at my boo-boo's and instead have made me (erroneously) believe that I can knit anything, given enough time and persistence.

I confessed to Penny that I'm procrastinating starting my dad's Aran cardigan. I know that in order to finish it by Christmas I needed to start it back in May, and here we're almost 1/2-way into July. Not good. I'm avoiding it. Penny told me to get the needles out and cast on and commit to 4 rows a day. Just 4 measly rows. Today I told Meg what Penny had said, and Meg concurred. So I guess I'll hurry up and finish Mom's blue cardigan this week, and then start Dad's.

Here's what I've got on Mom's Everyday Cardigan as of last night:

Not good lighting, but you see two finished fronts, a finished back, and two sleeves almost completed. I should be able to finsh the sleeves tonight, then wash and block all the pieces tomorrow. Monday I can seam it, and maybe by Wednesday I'll be knitting the collar and button bands.

Then on to the dreaded Aran cardigan for Dad.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mom's sweater looks great. I just finished the one for my dad and am working on seaming it up this weekend...might be done by Wednesday also...want to race? =) Love, Meg

p.s. really you are the expert knitter who encourages me!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Why Meg! You competitive thing, you! Sure, I'll race you. You'll finish first, but perhaps that'll make me finish by Friday for sure! (And you're very generous in your praise!)

2:08 PM  

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