Monday, August 28, 2006


Friday was Karin's 19th birthday. Tom flew back to Virginia on Thursday so he could be with Karin on Friday to celebrate her birthday with her. That's good, because once he's really in the Marine Corps they can count on spending lots of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries apart. I hope they'll savor the days they have together and wisely use their time apart.

I mailed a package to Karin today containing birthday gifts from Jacy and me that Tom forgot to pack when he left. She should get it by Wednesday.

Today is Mother and Daddy's 47th wedding anniversary. Chuck, Kim, Steve, and I want to take them to dinner at a really nice restaurant. We have to work around Chuck and Steve's work schedules and Mom and Dad's social schedule and tonight wouldn't work - Steve's out of town. Last Friday didn't work because Mom and Dad were at Mom's 50th high school reunion. This Friday won't work because they have a pre-wedding tailgate party to attend. Then they go to Callaway Gardens to spend a few days at a friend's chalet. The following Friday high school football starts, and Chuck and Kim will be at games when Kelli cheers. This Saturday Auburn football starts and neither Dad, nor Chuck, nor Steve will miss the games, and most area restaurants will be clobbered with out-of-town fans anyway.

Perhaps we'll celebrate with a dinner in January.

(Steve and I got married on November 2o because it was the off-week for Auburn - their break between the regular season and the Auburn-Alabama game. Football affects lives in Alabama!)

I'm thankful for my parents' example. I'm glad they're still married after 47 years. I pray God will give them many more years of married life together to enjoy.



Blogger Tammy said...

A happy anniversary to your parents! That is a long time and something to be so proud of!
And a happy birthday to Karin. How great that Tom could spend it with her.
Too cute about your planning your wedding around the football games! :)

10:35 PM  

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