Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This book was quite different from Under Orders. Its tone was milder - more friendly, even though it was a mystery with a few nasty characters causing mischief and mayhem for their family. Years ago Dick Francis said that because he and his wife worked together so closely on his mysteries, when either of them died there would be no more books. Mrs. Francis died six years ago and there have been no more books, until this year's Under Orders. If the rest of his earlier books are like Decider, then I think Mrs. Francis was a great boon to her husband's writing.

This story featured a father of six sons as the central character and mystery-solver. While the mystery began at a race and involved a racecourse, neither racing nor horses were the focus of the story, rather the mess families can get into when they close ranks and protect evil-doing family members for the sake of the family name and reputation. This was fun to read, and I'm looking forward to reading Reflex by Francis next.



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