Thursday, November 02, 2006

The hidden grove (or hidden field) - before and after

I did take some pictures of the "hidden field" (or "hidden grove") before it was made pretty, and after it was all cleaned up. A few months ago Mr. G came and worked for two days cutting out the kudzu and privet hedge and other vegetation that had been allowed to grow and grow unchecked for years. The field looks so different now. Eventually Mr. G will cut down the overgrown privet around all the pecan trees that ring the field.


And after:

So what do you think? Amazing transformation, huh? When the privet was cleared away we found all kinds of old rock and brick walls and foundations. I think we found the foundation for the original kitchen. We realized that we have chestnut trees - too bad we're not too fond of chestnuts.

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Anonymous Amanda said...

Beautiful place, Mrs. D!

We need that four rail fence.;)
My mom wants to comment when she has more time.



5:07 PM  

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