Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More sewing

When I was looking for those quilt squares (which I still have not found) I found this fabric with blue and purple hydrangeas on it. I have no idea what I bought it for, but with the unbleached muslin as a backing, I thought it would make serviceable curtains for our back door. I love the light that the window in the door lets in, but Steve hates it because he says everyone can look straight through the house when they come to the door.

So with assurances from Steve that he would take care of attaching the hardware for the curtain rod to the door, I measured the window...

measured the material, cut, pinned, sewed, ironed, and hung the curtains:

Now people coming to the back door can't see us. (And we can't see them either, unless we do the Gladys Kravitz curtain-twitch thing.)



Blogger Dana said...

Very nice! and polished with the muslin backing. Plus I love hydrangeas.

Dana in GA

4:12 PM  
Blogger Roberta said...

I came over to peek at your blog from Carmon.
The Gladys comment cracks me up...I have many times joked to my husband calling out "Abner!" lol

10:35 AM  

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