Friday, September 12, 2008

Red homespun

A few days ago I brought my spinning wheel out of the closet where it had been stored since December. Before packing the wheel away I had spun 8 ounces of merino roving. The thread was still on the bobbins and needed to be plied before I started any other spinning projects.

Now the yarn is plied, washed, dried, and ready to be wound into a ball for knitting. (And I ended up with 7.8 ounces - only .2 ounces lost to waste!)

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Blogger Lisa Kay said...

Oooh... I love it! I have been holding off and holding off getting into spinning. It seems like, "One more craft," when I don't have time to do the ones I'm already doing. I got the "Twisted Sisters" book on sweater design, and it is a great book for laying out your own sweaters, and it also has me yearning for hand-spun. Alas! I am still holding off... My husband brought it up on his own that he didn't understand why I wasn't spinning, yet. I said, "Don't I have enough to do?" He said, "It's just a matter of time." He knows me too well... Lisa Kay

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