Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Antioch Effect

Ken Hemphill's book, The Antioch Effect was one of several books mentioned or recommended at our church's mission conference back in February.

I couldn't find it on PaperBackSwap so I bought a copy, and now will probably buy several more copies - it's that good.

Mr. Hemphill's book is about church growth, but instead of putting out a plan or a strategy, he takes the reader to the book of Acts and the church at Antioch. His primary point is that church growth is supernatural. Only God saves people and brings them into the church. We can do nothing at all to truly "grow" the church.

The first half of the book is lessons from Antioch for every believer. The second part is directed more towards church leadership, specifically pastors (and elders). I raced through the book and gave it to Steve and begged him to read it. He started it and gave it a thumbs-up (and he's pretty picky).

It's an exciting book and one that is on my recommendation list for every Christian.

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