Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer plans

I always have big plans for summer. The children are done with schoolwork until fall so we drastically relax our schedules and I have more time to do whatever I'd like to do. The trouble is that I am too ambitious and believe that I can do more than I can. So I plan many sewing and knitting projects, make a long list of books to read, get out stationery to write all those letters I need to write, and make a list of museums and parks to visit with the children. I don't think I ever do even one-tenth of the plans I dream up, but it's fun to look at it all at the start of summer and think, "This year we'll do it all!"

So I have yarn and patterns for two cardigans - one for my mom and one for my dad. I have squares cut out for four quilts - one each for Jacy, Sarah, Joan, and Marley. I have fabric and thread for curtains - for Sarah, Joan, and David.

I have an embryonic reading list of books I've not read (any other book suggestions or input on these will be welcome!):
Running the Amazon by Joe Kane
The Lambs of God by Marele Day
The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell
The Minority Report & Other Stories by Philip K. Dick
The Curse of Treasure Island by Francis Bryan
Looking for Alaska by Peter Jenkins

Now I find out that we'll be having guests coming to stay with us for a week. My summer plans won't see any action yet. I'll be planning menus and activities and making preparations in order that our guests will be comfortable while they're here. We'll have seven guests to add to our family of nine, so there will be lots to do! But it's fun to have company, especially friends we haven't seen in awhile and love as though they were our own family. They've never been to Alabama before, so we'll enjoy introducing them to our new home.

Summer plans can wait indefinitely, but time with people I love must be enjoyed as the opportunity presents itself.

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