Thursday, September 07, 2006

Aran cardigan back - done!

Last night I finished the back of Dad's cardigan and knitted the pockets. I should have cast on the left and right fronts tonight, but I worked on a mindless shawl instead. I am so thankful that the back is done. I know that it's probably less than 2/3 of the sweater, but it's a pretty good start. Knitting this cardigan has been enjoyable and without trouble, except for one mistake.

Yeah. I totally messed up a cable and continued knitting a good - oh, 8 or 9 rows BEYOND the mistake. There was nothing to do about it except fix it. I figured I could either unknit 8 or 9 complete rows (148 stitches to a row) or drop the 4 messed-up stitches for 9 rows and laboriously pull the stitches up the rows in the proper order to create the cable the way it was supposed to look. I chose to drop the stitches. I think it took me an hour (maybe longer) to fix that mistake, but it was a good lesson because I'd never done that before. Now I know I can do it - but I hope I won't have to again!



Anonymous Jennie C. said...

That looks great!

5:16 AM  
Blogger Donna Boucher said...

It's beautiful! I'm afraid I could not fix the cable...I have been knitting for 40 years...and I don't even know what you are talking about...Do I feel dumb.

I can't wait to see the whole sweater! It's great!

7:04 PM  
Blogger Jeannine said...

It is really beautiful and I don't think I'll ever be talented enough to fix something like that.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Donna and Jeannine - yes you could. If I could do it, I - who still has trouble understanding patterns and is challenged when it comes to coordination skills - you could do it.

And thanks for the encouraging words!

10:13 PM  

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