Saturday, December 30, 2006


After loading almost an entire bookcase of titles onto my LibraryThing account, I decided to relax and knit some on Dad's Aran while watching HGTV. On a "ReDesign" episode, a couple was choosing artwork for their family room, and they selected three paintings that were basically a color with texture. And they really, really liked them.

If I knew the artist very well, I suppose I would like that kind of artwork on my walls. Joan paints, and I love her work. Uncle Gus paints, and I love his work. He even has painted a lot of abstract art, and although I'm not a fan of modern, abstract art, I like his art because he is my uncle and I love him. Joan's artwork is more scenic and domestic, but if she were to venture into cubist or modern art I would like it because she is my daughter and I love her.

I have several of Joan's paintings framed and on the walls of of our family room. I have an early painting of Uncle Gus's on our living room wall:

I like it because it's a place. I think it was an exercise in perspective, but it works for me anyway.

For Christmas Mom and Dad gave us this painting:

Again, the appeal for me is that it's a place. I can imagine myself there, or wonder what it would be like to be there. And for this one I don't even know the artist... .



Blogger Jennie C. said...

Interesting. I prefer images of people. What are they feeling? What sort of lives do they live? How are they like me or different? All the art I've chosen myself is of people.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

You know what, Jennie? After I read your comment I realized that very little of the artwork in my house is of people - it's almost all scenery. But my brother and sister have almost no scenery, and LOTS of portraits of people! Very interesting...

6:58 PM  

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