Thursday, February 22, 2007

Laundry room, etc.

Dana wants to see your laundry room. (She'll show you hers .) Here's the part of my laundry room with the hardworking washer and dryer:

And since I never did the desk-photo, here's my desk. (It has to be cleared off every day because we are a family of horizontal filers. We see a flat surface and we think it's a perfect spot for receipts, bills, important papers, etc. It's also by the back door and all the children find it the best place to park their books/toys/brush/purse.)

And here's the crumb-free stove:

Sorry I forgot to take pictures before I cleaned. But I do have pictures of the trench under that center grille - both before, and after. That trench is a weird part of the design of the stovetop. It's so narrow that an adult arm doesn't really fit, and it's so deep that a short adult with short arms has no chance of being able to reach the bottom to clean out the filth. So dear, dear Joan came to my rescue.

Yucky "before" shot:

Much cleaner "after" shot:

Now I'm going to go re-organize my closet... .



Blogger Dana said...

Oh! Wonderful!

I am impressed with your pictures.

Thanks for *playing along*.

Dana in GA

9:06 AM  

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