Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Past Perfect

Susan Isaacs has written a quick, snappy story about a middle-aged, happily-married-with-a-child woman who once worked for the CIA, was fired without being told why, and who still - fifteen years after the fact - wants to know why.

After being fired, getting married, and being unable to work, Katie writes a novel called Spy Guys. The novel is a success, and is turned into a TV series with Katie as the writer for the show. (Susan Isaacs has done some screen-writing and it certainly doesn't hurt her ability to write good action descriptions.)

One day Katie gets a phone call from a former co-worker from her CIA days. The woman tells Katie that she needs her help on a matter of national importance. In exchange for Katie's help, the woman promises to tell Katie why she was fired.

The story runs from there, and makes for pretty entertaining reading. Unfortunately Ms. Isaacs sprinkles her narrative with some vulgar language, so be warned.



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