Friday, March 16, 2007

Found fabric

Donna has been quilting lately and her lovely work reminded me that I cut fabric almost two years ago to make quilts for each of the children. When we moved I packed all the fabric up and haven't seen it since.
Yesterday I started opening bins and looking for the cut pieces of material. I didn't find them, but I did find some other projects.
The red fabric with the leaves and berries was to be a tablecloth. I'd already sewn the pieces together and it just has to be hemmed. The fabric with the simple child's prayer on it was to be napkins. I'd forgotten them! They were already finished - ten napkins cut and hemmed and ready to use, just folded up and put with the unfinished tablecloth, because I probably thought I'd get settled quickly after moving and pick up where I left off. I remember when I bought the material I thought I'd have the tablecloth and napkins in use for Thanksgiving dinner - 2005. But I packed it all up right before Thanksgiving, and we moved right before Christmas.
It's okay. I love finding a surprise right under my nose. I'll fold and pin and hem and have a new tablecloth and napkins to use now. "Thank You, God, for everything!"



Blogger Donna Boucher said...

Oh Laura!!!
What a wonderful surprise!

I love those napkins and the tablecloth is such pretty fabric!

Such pretty buried treasue!

11:20 PM  

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