Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chess Pie

On Tuesday evening my neighbor, Cassie, and I went over to Miss Betty C's house for our regular "Knit Night." Miss Betty was in the middle of preparing lunch for the following day. Her Red Hat Ladies were coming to enjoy their monthly meeting at her lovely home on the lake. Miss Betty told us that later in the evening she was going to make individual chess pies for her friends to have for dessert.

That made me think about chess pie. It's been years since I've eaten a slice of chess pie. Suddenly I wanted to eat chess pie. Miss Betty reminded Cassie and me that chess pie is easy to whip up because the ingredients are all those commonly kept on hand.

Last night after the kitchen was cleaned I asked Joan if she'd make us a chess pie. She agreed, and we found a cookbook with a chess pie recipe similar to that Miss Betty had used. The cookbook had been one of Grandmother's, and was sold by the ladies at First Christian Church in Birmingham as a fund-raiser back in 1961. I feel certain either Aunt Nancy or Aunt Olive was the one who either gave or sold the cookbook to Grandmother, because they were both members of that church way back then.

After the pie came out of the oven, Joan cut slices and served us all. It was rich and sweet - perfect to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

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Blogger Jeannine said...

That looks almost like a pecan pie without the pecans. Does it have a similar taste?

9:13 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, in that it's very sweet like pecan pie is very sweet. It's actually a type of custard pie, but the crisp top and the soft inside remind me of creme brulee - in pie form!

9:35 AM  

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