Monday, May 21, 2007

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop by Lewis Buzbee reminded me so much of several books by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. Mr. Buzbee calls his book a memoir and a history, and it is both. He recounts his experience working in bookshops in the San Francisco area, and gives some descriptions of bookshops he's visited in other parts of the United States and the world. Interspersed throughout are bits of history regarding the book store as an entity.

This book is interesting, and made me remember fondly my own experiences as a child ordering Scholastic Book Club books, and various bookshops I've enjoyed. Mr. Buzbee's own opinions and propaganda also figure heavily in the book, but did not change my opinions to mirror his. Overall, I liked this book about books and bookshops, and I'm glad I bought it.



Blogger Tammy said...

Regarding your last post about the book Never Done... isn't it amazing what was required to manage a household for so many centuries?

Oddly enough, I read your post right after returning from Costco where, due to the crazy schedule we keep, I tend to get several pre-packaged dinners... and I was grateful.

We take so much for granted and I know that most of my own cleaning stress comes from having too much "stuff" in general... clothes, tools, gadgets, etc. (Ahem, let's not even talk about the yarn.) Our lives have been filled with modern conveniences but we are mostly ignorant to these, and instead proceed to complicate life with the "stuff", busy schedules and hectic paces.

Like sheep, we are painfully foolish creatures aren't we? Praise God that He is gentle and forgiving.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Just placed an *HOLD* on NEVER DONE at my local library. It sounds very interesting, much like an out-of-print book on the history housekeeping that I've been searching for for years.

Enjoy your reviews.

Dana in GA

5:47 AM  

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