Thursday, May 10, 2007


The children went out to the lake this morning while I waited for our plumber, Wayne, to come by and give us some direction on Tom and Karin's apartment. I cleaned, ironed and mended some clothes, and just generally puttered around until I had nothing else to do and was bored. Then I finally pulled out Dick Francis's novel, Comeback and finished reading it.
I've been in no hurry to finish it, because it is another enjoyable mystery, and I'm finding that mysteries by Dick Francis are always pleasant reading - but I fear there is a finite number of them. This story involves Peter Darwin, a British diplomat, mixed up with British veterinarians by way of a couple of vaudeville singers. It sounds ridiculously complicated, but it's not. Yes, racehorses figure into the plot, and also arson, poison, cruelty to animals, swindle, and murder.
It's perfect for a summer-time read.
I passed my paperback copy to Mom for her and Dad to enjoy as they travel next month.



Anonymous Penny said...

Bored? BORED?!? What, exactly, does that feel like?

10:20 AM  

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