Monday, February 11, 2008

Book give-away

Our regional library regularly discards books and I often stop in and scoop up an armful to use or to pass along to others. On my most recent visit last Friday I got a backseat-of-the-carful and sorted them out when I got home. Now I have a stack I'd like to give away to anyone who wants any or all of them. I'm willing to pay the postage (media mail) and ship them out before the end of next week. Email me (LLD61[at]hotmail[dot]com) with your list and address. First come, first served. All are library discards with the usual markings, and all but one are hardcovers.

Fowler's Modern English Usage by H.W. Fowler, second edition revised by Sir Ernest Gowers.

Up the Windy Hill by Aileen Fisher. Children's poems illustrated by the author with silhouettes.

Under the Tree by Elizabeth Maddox Roberts, illus. by F.D. Bedford. Children's poems.

Poems by Rachel Field. Children's poems illustrated by the author.

A Visit to Wlliam Blake's Inn by Nancy Willard, Alice and Martin Provensen. Children's poems.

Winds A'Blowing by May Justus, illus. by Jean Tamburine. Children's poems.

Winds A'Blowing (duplicate copy).

Walt Whitman's America; being selections from Leaves of Grass, Democratic Vistas, Specimen Days and Potraits of Lincoln by James Daugherty, illus. by James Daugherty.

Let's Read a Story edited by Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg. Illus. by Virginia Parsons. Stories for boys and girls.

Wind Song by Carl Sandburg, illus. by William A. Smith. Poems chosen for children.

Wind Song (duplicate copy).

The Sandburg Range by Carl Sandburg. Poetry and prose.

Green Fingers and Other Poems by Reginald Arkell, illus. by John Teppich. Poems about gardening.

In Tribute to Mothers edited by William Lyon Phelps. Poetry and prose.

The Days Before by Katherine Anne Porter. Articles and essays.

Gold... ABC's of Panning! by E.S. "Rocky" LeGaye. Softcover. How to pan for gold.

Honey and Salt by Carl Sandburg. Poems.

Corrie's Christmas Memories by Corrie ten Boom.



Blogger Donna Boucher said...

What wonderful treasures.
I am officially jealous :o)

Sorry God.

I am happy that you have them, really :o)

3:08 PM  
Blogger pussreboots said...

I've emailed you.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Update - Honey and Salt, Walt Whitman's America, and The Sandburg Range are taken. The rest are still available... .

12:48 PM  

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