Friday, June 27, 2008

China Lake

I got China Lake by Anthony Hyde through PaperBackSwap, and I requested it because of the title.

Back in the early '80's Steve was stationed at China Lake in California to work on the AV-8B. He spent 6 months there and I'd travel from Irvine every weekend to see him. We saw a lot of the out-lying areas - Ridgecrest, Death Valley, Barstow, Calico - basically any place we could make a day-trip out of. So my desire to read this book was motivated by pure nostalgia.

Mr. Hyde wrote this spy/thriller/mystery set in China Lake, Scotland, and Wales. The mystery spans several decades and involves the Russians, the U.S. Naval operations at China Lake, and the Sidewinder missile. The story begins and ends at China Lake, and involves mysterious persons who may or may not be who they claim to be, gold mines, murder, and spying. It was a good story, and I'm glad the title hooked me into picking it up.



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