Thursday, August 07, 2008


We have another dog - temporarily. I'm still hoping her rightful owner will see the signs we've pasted up all over town and at the vets' offices and come claim her.

Two weeks ago this little dog appeared in our yard. She had a red collar and a flea collar, but no tags. At first we thought the neighbors next door might have a new dog. But when we took her to them they said she wasn't theirs. We put signs up with pictures of the dog, made more inquiries, but got nowhere.

Steve said we could not keep her. "NO MORE ANIMALS!" I agreed. We have enough pets. On Tuesday I asked Tom to take her to the shelter. One of the veterinarian's assistants told me the animal shelter would take the dog, keep her for a month while they tried to find a family to adopt her, then if they couldn't find anyone to take her, call us before they put her to sleep.

But... when Tom took her to the shelter, they said they'd wait 4 days for someone to claim her, then put her down on Saturday. He left her there and came home and told me. I didn't tell the other children, but I was very disappointed about it. She was such a sweet and well-behaved little dog, and she was starting to answer to the name Tom had given her - Bandit.

While Steve and I were eating dinner Tuesday night (he was late getting home so we ate together after everyone else) I said, "The dog is gone. Tom took her to the shelter. They'll kill her Saturday." I didn't say any more, because I was afraid I'd cry, and it seemed silly to be so sad about a stray dog. Steve said nothing.

Later that night Steve said to me, "I guess we need to go get that dog before Friday." I couldn't believe it! It was such a magnanimous gesture on his part - something I knew he really did not want to do he offered to do willingly. The children and I were very grateful and happy.

Yesterday Tom went back to the shelter and got her. He said she was excited to see him. Today we took her to our vet and got her shots, de-worming meds, and heartworm pills. And made an appointment to have her spayed next Tuesday. The vet said, "You're not going to give her up if someone calls to claim her. Look at her - she has claimed you. You're HER family."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new pet, and also the sweet husband. :-)

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those stray dogs can be such a blessing, Laura. Our Max just showed up one day, when we were still mourning the loss of our little Corgi. Other than eating socks, he really is the best little dog. I'm glad your husband was such a sweetie and let you go back and get her!

8:16 AM  

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