Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday was Columbus Day. We did not take the day off from school work, but the break from mail was nice.

Our kitten (growing bigger and older into a cat, but he's only 5 1/2 months old) was named after Christopher Columbus because when he was tiny and still blind he would stagger away from his mother and brother and warm bed and wander everywhere. We assumed he would be an explorer-cat (and possibly a good hunter) and named him accordingly.

Columbus turned out to be a homebody-cat, preferably one inside on a sofa or bed. Along with his mother and brother he is made to stay outside most of the time, but he is amazingly quick and can almost invisibly dart inside whenever a back door or front door is opened. Later he'll be found curled up on a pillow or in a soft, comfy chair.

Occasionally he'll stir himself enough to fight with Jack, his brother, or attack my clean towels and sheets as they dry on the clothesline, but usually, he's just a mooch.

Even so, he's worth caring for and feeding for the comic relief he provides and because he really is an affectionate cat. We just should have given him a different name.



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