Friday, October 24, 2008

Midwife of the Blue Ridge

I read about Midwife of the Blue Ridge at Sarah's blog, Reading the Past, after seeing a brief review of the book in the newspaper. Sarah's interview with Christine Blevins, the author of the book, made me even more interested.

Then I won a copy of the book through Sarah's drawing and Mrs. Blevins sent me a signed copy of her book, along with several extra treats.

This historical fiction is set in America on the Virginian frontier in the 1700's. While there was not as much midwifery as I was anticipating, there was a good bit of herbal medicine practiced by Maggie the midwife. The French and Indian wars provide the conflict, as does the expansion of settled areas into the frontier. In this novel, several families accidentally settle and farm a nobleman's land, not realizing the land is already owned by another. There is a bit of romance and I must admit I enjoyed the first half of the book (before the romantic interest came in) more than the second half of the book.

All in all it was a fun read and it had a happy ending. I hope Mrs. Blevins writes more books!



Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Laura, I was glad to see your report! I had the same impression - there was more information about herbalism than about midwifery, but I found it all pretty interesting to read about. I knew little beforehand about frontier medicine.

8:34 PM  

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