Friday, May 15, 2009

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Jamie Ford's novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was reviewed by several readers (Joy, Caite, Petunia, and Rebecca have posted reviews at Semicolon). The reviews I read made me very interested in the book, so I read it last week.

It was every bit as good as everyone said it was. Even better, it was a clean book with a good, compelling plot and no objectionable language or situations. A rare find in novels.



Blogger hopeinbrazil said...

I've read lots of reviews on this one, but wondered if it was clean. Thanks for letting me know! I hope to get my hands on it this summer.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

It is on my wishlist!

BTW, I lost my book blog to Malware. everything distils into reading is my new blog. Please do visit it, link it, subscribe to it or follow it! Do help me spread the word.

10:52 AM  

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