Monday, February 15, 2010

Dick Francis, R.I.P.

His obituary is very detailed and interesting - almost as good as his books. And I'm happy to learn that another book by Dick Francis and his son, Felix Francis, will be published in the fall.

Books by Dick Francis

The Sport of Queens: The Autobiography of Dick Francis (1957, memoir)
Dead Cert (1962, novel)
Nerve (1964, novel)
For Kicks (1965, novel)
Odds Against (1965, novel)
Flying Finish (1966, novel)
Blood Sport (1967, novel)
Forfeit (1968, novel)
Enquiry (1969, novel)
Rat Race (1970, novel)
Bonecrack (1971, novel)
Smokescreen (1972, novel)
Slayride (1973, novel)
Knockdown (1974, novel)
High Stakes (1975, novel)
In the Frame (1976, novel)
Risk (1977, novel)
Trial Run (1978, novel)
Whip Hand (1979, novel)
Reflex (1980, novel)
Twice Shy (1981, novel)
Banker (1982, novel)
The Danger (1983, novel)
Proof (1984, novel)
Break In (1985, novel)
Bolt (1986, novel)
Hot Money (1987, novel)
The Edge (1988, novel)
Straight (1989, novel)
Longshot (1990, novel)
Comeback (1991, novel)
Driving Force (1992, novel)
Decider (1993, novel)
Wild Horses (1994, novel)
Come to Grief (1995, novel)
To the Hilt (1996, novel)
10 lb. Penalty (1997, novel)
Field of Thirteen (1998, short stories)
Second Wind (1999, novel)
Shattered (2000, novel)
Under Orders (2006, novel)
Dead Heat‎ (2007, novel, with Felix Francis)
Silks (2008, novel, with Felix Francis)
Even Money (2009, novel, with Felix Francis)
Crossfire (2010, novel, with Felix Francis)



Blogger Cecilia said...

I just love Dick Francis' books. I love the way he brings different vocations or avocations to life and really tells you about them in detail without ever being dull or dry, and making the unique aspects of that business part of the plot. Almost sent some to the used bookstore this weekend, but thought, no, I really want to keep these. RIP indeed.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Carol in Oregon said...

This is so interesting.

I had never heard of Dick Francis a month ago. But I had a conversation with one of my brothers and he suggested Francis as an author I might like.

More to have common ground with my brother than anything else, I ordered the book (PBS).

After having read the obit, I must say I am truly intrigued and eager to read this.

Thanks for the post, Laura!

9:19 PM  

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