Thursday, August 12, 2010

Follow the red brick path

Months ago Aric brought home a trailer-load of paving bricks he was going to use to build us a parking area beside the garage.

He ended up using only a few to create an outline for the parking area, which he filled in with crushed asphalt and gravel (and we've been very happy with it).

I thought it would be nice to use some of the bricks to pave the beaten path everyone walks from Steve's office (the former smokehouse) to the garage. I only needed labor...

...which God handily provided in the form of Josh, Tom, and David. Yesterday they soaked the rock-hard ground (over a month of 90+ temperatures every day), and with a pick-axe and a couple of shovels they dug a bed for the bricks, then set them.

Before the path was completed, looking from Steve's office to the garage:

Before, looking from the garage to Steve's office:

And after, looking from Steve's office to the garage:

After, looking from the garage to Steve's office:

Thanks, boys!

(Now I have another idea for the remaining bricks... .)



Blogger Cecilia said...

nice! I love brick or stone paths, especially in a high traffic area like that!

5:49 PM  
Blogger Margo said...

brilliant! I adore brick walkways.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous do you mind if i knit said...

The path looks wonderful! Love the way it's informally laid, lovely. Love Vanessa xxx

5:10 AM  

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