Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the (knitting) needles

I started the Aran cardigan for Dad and got the back ribbing done yesterday. Today I'll begin the pattern, including the cable design. I also have a pair of socks started for Aric using some Interlacements Toasty Toes yarn and size 3 needles. (I keep trying to get Glenn to let me knit him some socks, but so far he has declined. Maybe if I could find some sock wool in blaze orange he'd let me knit him a pair for hunting season...)

Meg asked me if I had anything on the needles for me and I told her I didn't. I realized later that that's not true. I have a shawl going that I started last October. It's a simple pattern knitted with Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb yarn. (It's 50% silk and 50% wool, and Meg said that it should properly be called "Worm & Lamb.")

I found it in a knitting bag yesterday when I was gathering my stuff for a day out with Steve. I always take knitting so I can work while riding in the car. I always take a book in case he needs to run in to some place (like a computer store) for a few minutes and I could wait in the car. I always take two magazines for us to peruse over lunch. (We read and eat and talk about what we're reading as we eat and read. What can I say? We're goofy, but it works for us.) I always take a sweater in case the places we go are too chilly.

I had my knitting for Dad and was looking to see if I could cast on a mindless knitting project - one that wouldn't require concentration - when I found the shawl. It was just the thing I wanted, and I do want to finish it. Steve had a doctor's appointment and I knitted on Dad's sweater in the waiting room, then switched to the shawl when we had to go back to the doctor's office. Then last night we decided to watch a movie with the children in Steve's office, so I toted it out there and knitted away while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Today I have some errands to run, so it will be some time before I can get out Dad's Aran. Tonight or late this afternoon I'll sit and work on my 4 rows (but I think I really need to try to do more like 20 each day.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aim for 4 rows. Then if you do more, you will feel so accomplished!!! We'll be thinking of you tonight at our knit night! Wish you were here. Love, Meg

1:34 PM  

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