Monday, August 14, 2006

Hey! David thinks they're "So cool!"

I think light-up knitting needles are a great idea, and I really want to try these. I always knit when I watch a movie at home, and usually take a small project - like a sock - with me when I go to the theater to watch a movie. I feel bad (somewhat) about knitting while watching a DVD with the family, because they like to have all the lights out, but because I like to knit they sacrifice their comfort so that I can enjoy knitting while the movie's on. I don't feel bad about knitting at the movies, because the previews are a total waste of time unless I can be knitting, and I get a bit fidgetty during the show unless I can knit when it's light enough.

Earlier this summer the family went to the theater to see "Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 2" and although I brought a sock along to knit, I ended up leaving it in the van. I spent the next loooooong 2 or 3 hours (it felt like a lifetime) muttering, "I should have brought my knitting." The children who had the misfortune to sit on either side of me were at first sympathetic, then exasperated, and finally took to hissing back, "You'll be fine, Mom! Stop obsessing with the knitting!" I was so bored, but I'd feared that the movie scenes would be too dark to illuminate the theater enough for me to see my sock, should I need to. Nothing's worse than believing that I might have dropped a stitch, or scooped up two stitches instead of one, and not having enough light to see the stitches. So I left the knitting in the van. (Hmmm, I hadn't really given it a lot of thought, but perhaps that is the reason my family hasn't asked me to go to any other movies with them this summer... It's okay, because I'd really rather be knitting in the comfort of our home!)

The only problem I can think of with these light-up needles is that they might not come in circulars. I guess I could knit a scarf or washcloth or baby bib with them, and as long as I didn't knit anything with a complicated pattern, it might work. I'd love to have someone else try them first and tell me if they're worth the expense - and give them a test run at the theater so I'd know if they annoyed other patrons.

I wonder if Meg would give them a try... ?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! I saw these at Jeannie's store in the Outer Banks. They are really cool, I even got to knit a row with some samples...I did not, however, check them out in the dark. I wish I had! I want them to come in circulars because when I knitted a sock at the movies this summer, I could not see well...but they do not come that way. I guess no one has figured out a way to make a battery small enough to put inside a size 2 or 3 needle. Maybe that is how we can make our living...and all of us can live together in Alabama making knitting needles for the rest of our lives! We can sell them at our Book / Yarn store which will of course have a wine tasting room attached! Let me know how you like the needles. Dan suggested I buy a set, but I did not see (hee hee) using them much! I've been meaning to call. I miss you. Love, Meg

2:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, come on down and let's make knitting needles and sell them in our store (I've scouted out a few more locations). Once we have that business going we can travel all over to get yarn and books for the store, and write it off as business expenses.

I ordered three sizes of needles: #15 for bulky yarn (scarves); #8 for worsted weight (dishclothes); and #6 for DK weight (baby bibs).

5:32 PM  

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