Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pictures for Tom

David and Sam asked me to take some pictures of their "set-ups" for Tom to see. So here, in all their boyish glory, are David's Playmobil cavalry and Sam's neo-NASCAR line-up:

(I have no idea what that lone Confederate colonel is doing with all those men in blue! David hasn't read much about that period of history yet - can't wait to ragg him a little someday when he does and confront him with this picture.)

(All of Sam's cars are lined up behind an upside-down Playmobil shield.)

We've got an evening lined up tonight. Jacy and Sarah will go to their discipleship group. David and Marley are out at the lake, and will probably be home by supper-time. Joan and Sam plan to watch "Dumbo." I'm having local ladies over to knit and visit - and eat pound cake. Steve will be working. One of the ladies I'd hoped to have here tonight recently had surgery and won't be able to make it. She's recuperating at a nearby assisted-living home, so I went to see her this afternoon.

Several weeks ago I took her two large skeins of Opal sock yarn and several sock patterns. She already knit one pair of socks and is half-way with a second pair. I saw the lovely work she's done on the second pair - and she told me how much she loves the self-patterning yarn. She also said that having the knitting once again has been a blessing in dealing with the pain from the surgery. This morning she awoke at 1:00 from pain. She knitted until 3:30 a.m. - until she was soothed enough to go back to sleep. I gave her a few new knitting magazines and promised to come back tomorrow and show her my dad's sweater, a shawl I'm working on, and bring her a couple of knitting catalogs. There are no nearby yarn stores, so I need to share sources with her. She lifted my spirits, too, when she said, "Since I moved here I've had no one to knit with. I'm so happy now to have you as my knitting buddy!"

And I'm thankful to have her as my knitting buddy, too!



Blogger Jeannine said...

I'm sure you're a wonderful knitting buddy. I wish we lived closer because I could use one. :-)

The pictures are so cute! My Sam and also Tim line up their cars the same way. One time William had lots of Playmobil people all lined up in a row stretching across the living room and into the dining room. He told me they were trying to find their way into Narnia but hadn't been able to.

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