Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn Hymn

While I was adding books to my library on LibraryThing (that site is horribly addictive, and I wish I'd known that before I started putting books up there - I'm like Toad from The Wind in the Willows with a "new mania") I leafed through lots of the books as I handled them. I found this hymn written by Bishop W.W. How (1823-1897) in Songs of Praise:

The year is swiftly waning,
The summer days are past;
And life, brief life, is speeding;
The end is nearing fast.

The ever-changing seasons
In silence come and go;
But Thou, eternal Father,
No time or change canst know.

O pour Thy grace upon us,
That we may worthier be,
Each year that passes o'er us,
To dwell in heaven with Thee.

Behold the bending orchards
With bounteous fruits are crowned;
Lord, in our hearts more richly
Let heavenly fruits abound.

O by each mercy sent us,
And by each grief and pain,
By blessings like the sunshine,
And sorrows like the rain,

Our barren hearts make fruitful
With every goodly grace,
That we Thy name may hallow,
And see at last Thy face.



Blogger Donna Boucher said...

That is just beautiful.
Thank you for sharing it.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Dy said...

You know, I have put off signing up (although, even just for insurance purposes, it would be good to have a record, b/c our insurance guy wouldn't believe us if I gave him a guestimate of the books we have), but this was priceless. Never would I have linked you with Toad w/o this post. Thanks for the smile.

And for sharing the beautiful hymn.


1:44 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

What a beautiful hymn! What a good idea albeit huge undertaking to catalog your books. I need to look into how that is done so that one of these days we can get more organized!

I have enjoyed seeing Glen and his family in your pictures. Where do they live now? It made me so sad that they had to leave - I know how you feel! That picture of you and baby Madyson and Abbey on the porch swing is a good one. You look the same as you did 10 years ago! Haven't aged a bit! And to think you are a Grandma. Aren't Grandmas supposed to have gray hair? (We won't talk about how many I am getting on my head):)

I'll tell Bryan that Steve actually watched the Alabama game. Bryan was at a raquetball tournament, and of course was not impressed with the fact that Alabama struggled with Duke. I fear Auburn will definitely punish Bama this year. We thought about Steve when we heard Auburn lost. Painful!

Peace and blessings on your household!


5:35 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Hey, speaking of typos, let me re-phrase the second sentence properly : "What a good idea, albeit a huge undertaking, to catalog your books." I need to show this to some of my homeschool students and tell them to correct it! :)


5:39 PM  

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