Monday, January 15, 2007

Not pretty, but it works

Last week I took my small knitting project (a dishcloth) with me to Jacy's game. I watched the game and left the needles, yarn, and dishcloth in the bag on the bleachers beside me. Someone stepped on the bag. My beautiful Brittany needles were cracked. Unfortunately, they were my only size 7 straight short needles. Unfortunately I have no yarn store nearby, and the one about 40 minutes away doesn't carry Brittany needles.

So I decided my only option was to repair what I had. I looked around for duct tape, but found none. Asked Steve where he kept the duct tape, and he said we had none. (Which made me wonder what kind of American family are we anyway, with no duct tape on hand?) I did find some electrical tape and carpenter's glue, and with those I mended my needles.

It doesn't look so good, but I can knit.



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