Friday, January 05, 2007

Ten things I love that begin with "y"

This meme comes from Sherry, who assigned me the letter "Y."

1. YHWH or Yahweh. I love God. I love imperfectly, and never enough, but by His grace I am loving Him more each moment of each day.

2. Yuletide. I love Christmas. The amazing enormity of John 1:14 always overwhelms me with wonder.

3. Youngsters. I love my children. I thank God for them daily, and am so grateful for the rewards and challenges they bring to my life.

4. Yarn. I love to knit. Since Penny and Meg taught me how to knit five years ago I can't imagine life without yarn of various fibers and pointy needles. What did I do before then?

5. Yardage. As in, cloth, to be cut. I love fabric. When I have the time I enjoy sewing, but I am a very simple seamstress. To my shame I admit that I have lots and lots of yardage waiting to be made into useful garments or furnishings.

6. Yeast. I love to bake, especially breads with yeast. I love the smell of yeast and I love the incredible way it transforms a lump of dough into an air-filled, light loaf.

7. The Year at Thrush Green by Miss Read. I love to read, and this book is one of my favorite re-reads. It's soothing, gentle, mild - perfect for when I'm stressed, or Steve's away on a business trip and the night seems suddenly spooky, or when I don't have the energy to concentrate on something profoundly deep and serious.

8. Yakitori. I love Japanese food, and yakitori is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I think the last time I had some was when I was in labor with Marley - that would have been over nine years ago. Time for more yakitori!

9. Yard. I love our yard. It's not fancy - just a good place for the children to play. I have a bench under the cherry tree where I can sit and knit while I watch them.

10. Yogurt. I love yogurt, especially plain yogurt made with whole milk. That's another treat I haven't had in years.

If you want a letter, leave a comment and I'll select one for you, or go to Sherry and she'll give you one.



Blogger Sherry said...

Good list. Yakitori???

1:56 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, it's so yummy! Although, I guess the yakitori I liked so much wouldn't be considered yakitori by a purist - the chicken and vegetable bits were served on a bed of soba noodles, so I guess it was really yakisoba - but it's soooo good!

2:03 PM  
Blogger Marla said...

Cool! I don't know if I ever would have thought of so much for the letter Y. I remember eating yakisoba when we lived in Okinawa... it was my favorite dish there! We went to a little place called My House and they made the best yakisoba on the island!

I thought I asked about this earlier, but I think it was just my imagination... do you know anyone who sells knitted dishrags? I'd like to replace the ones my mother made me several years ago. They are just now wearing out!!!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Marla, *I* would love to knit you some dishrags as a gift! What colors? Any specific patterns? Let me know, and I'll start knitting and ship them to you when I finish.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

I'd like a letter, Laura, only I might not get to it until Monday.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

MMMMM, to the yakitori and the yakisoba. :-) Great list.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Okay, Cindy - I drew the letter "A" for you out of the Scrabble box. Will it work for you? I'm looking forward to reading your list!

12:29 PM  

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