Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Odds Against

Tight, tense, gripping mystery - this was a good one for short February days.

First published in 1965, Odds Against introduces Sid Halley, the ex-jockey and detective featured in Francis's most recent mystery Under Orders. I was surprised to "meet up" with Halley again - I've only read a few books by Francis, but each one had a different cast of characters. It was a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face.

Halley is at the start of his detective career, and has been drifting along in his life for the past two years before the story opens. Still grieving the loss of his left hand, his profession as jockey, and his wife and marriage, he has been an unenthusiastic drone in a security/investigative business, but all changes when he is shot and left to die. His father-in-law enlists Halley to snoop into the business and plans of a Mr. Kraye and the action - both mental and physical - begins.

The mystery was exciting and made me want to finish it quickly to know how it ended, but at the same time I wanted to slow down and make it last longer. These books by Dick Francis are proving to be addictive.

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Blogger Charity said...

Thanks for the tip! I love mysteries - I'm going to check out Dick Francis. :0)

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