Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of August

This month has been different from what I was expecting. I thought we'd enjoy lazy, slow days up to Labor Day, then dive back into activities and schoolwork. Instead we've all been non-stop busy - but it's been very very good!

Tom and Jacy are back in school at Auburn. Sarah and Joan are in classes at a community college and at a church in Auburn. Joan had her 16th birthday (and got her driver's license) and Karin had her 21st birthday. Amy picked up the keys for their new house on base in Mississippi, and moved some of their things into it already. Hayley started 2nd grade. Sarah began working at the library (and is reading a book a day - I'm so jealous!) and David went back to work at the high school filming the football practices and games. Steve made several trips for work this month, the most recent one being a trip to the Gulf of Mexico to take a client out fishing on a 55-foot boat (what a job, huh?). I filled out reams of paperwork for school/doctor's office/dentist's office/field trips. And I did knit, crochet, and read when I could.

We tried a few new recipes, but I'll admit we also had a lot of meals consisting of cereal or sandwiches (Steve was away a lot, remember?)

Today we went to the lake after Hayley came home from school.

The babies were so excited and they played non-stop.

Amy was excited about her new phone and played with it.

The older kids and the dog swam and jumped off the dock numerous times, built sand castles and forts, and stayed active.

Joan plugged in her iPod and napped.

Sarah found a quiet spot far from the madding crowd and read a book.

And I crocheted and read.

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Blogger Wool Winder said...

It's a blessing to have a place like this to rest in between the busy times!

8:36 AM  

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