Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spinning with Penny

On Thursday morning I got Penny from the airport and we drove to Harvest, AL to buy fiber at Little Barn. After making our puchases, we headed to Birmingham to spend four days in a hotel spinning and knitting - and reading. I don't know that I'll have enough yarn spun by Monday to knit the pattern I've selected (Penny will - she's FAST), but I'll have made a good start! And spinning with a friend is much more fun than spinning alone.

(The gray yarn is Penny's and the blue is mine.)



Blogger Dy said...

Wow, you guys are fantastic! The yarn looks lovely, and I can't think of a neater way to get it done.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Penny said...

Laura, I can't spin again until after I move, so you'll be done WAY sooner than I. I've got 16 more ounces to do!

2:30 PM  

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