Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Grand Del Mar

Chuck and Kim came to see us at the hotel on Saturday afternoon and spent about four hours with us. It's so ironic - here we live 4 houses apart in a tiny town in Alabama and we never see one another. Too busy. But they were in San Diego for an educators' convention while we were in La Jolla on a trip with the company Steve works for and we spent a greater chunk of time together on Saturday than we have in the past three years - holidays included.

I knew Kim would love the hotel. She took a lot of pictures. When she and Chuck flew out to San Diego on Thursday, they sat next to Erin, the woman who works for The Grand Del Mar and who booked our company trip for the resort! She told them so much about the resort that they were able to educate us when they came to see us. And while they were there, they saw Erin again and thanked her for telling them about the resort. We all toured the hotel, then had high tea on one of the many balconies. Steve said the highlight of the trip for him was Kim's delight at the beauty of the hotel and its setting.

Now I'm trying to find a good book about Addison Mizner, the man whose architectural style influenced the design of The Grand Del Mar.

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