Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Last week I ordered three books from the Persephone Classics list. Because I had part of an afternoon free, I decided to read Julia Strachey's book, Cheerful Weather for the Wedding first.

The back cover describes it as "sardonic." That's just about the perfect adjective. Acerbic, darkly humorous, Oscar-Wilde-like-with-a-bitter-twist are what I thought as I read it. It really reads visually - I could see it as a play or a movie.

To sum up the plot: On a cold and sunny March day Dolly marries a man her mother has chosen for her, while a former admirer lurks about her house hoping to get a few minutes alone with her before she marries and moves to South America.

A very short book, but one that stayed in my mind long after finishing it.



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