Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip Around the World Blanket

Here are 36 knitted squares. All are 8X8 and knit on the diagonal. I have to knit 4 more blue squares, then I will begin knitting green squares, and after that, black and gray squares. I have to have 81 squares , so I'm not quite to the half-way point.

When I have finished knitting all the squares, I will seam them together to look something like this beautiful crocheted blanket. Then I'll have to knit or crochet some kind of border - probably in black - then Tom will have his warm woolen blanket.

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Blogger Jennie C. said...

Oh, wow. That is a beautiful blanket. I love making granny squares. :-)

12:28 PM  
Blogger Cecilia said...

beautiful, but, oh! all that seaming!

5:00 PM  

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