Saturday, August 13, 2011

Recipes from an Old Farmhouse

While re-reading a book by Miss Read, I made note of a writer she mentioned named Alison Uttley. Over the past year I've acquired a few books by Mrs. Uttley and have enjoyed them, as they are similar in tone to novels by Miss Read. She wrote fictionalized accounts of her childhood years in Derbyshire, England, and her books are pleasant and soothing to read.

In Recipes from an Old Farmhouse Mrs. Uttley provides a collection of favorite recipes from her childhood in the late 19th century, pieced together with reminiscences of holidays, family times, and life on the family farm.

It's a short little book, charmingly illustrated by Pauline Baynes (probably my favorite illustrator!) and will instantly transport one to a calmer, gentler, possibly more civil time.

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