Saturday, May 25, 2013

Waiting for Liam

Tom and Kate's son, Liam, has an official (doctor given) due date of May 30th.  Kate would be okay with him making his arrival anytime from today on.  His other grandmother, Penny, comes tomorrow and wants him to wait until Monday, so she's not tired from the trip and has at least one good night's worth of sleep under her belt. 

I'm ready, ready, READY to meet this new grandson!  A few minutes ago I finished stitching the binding to a quilt for him - a quilt my mother began for Tom when I was pregnant with him 26 years ago.  Mom cross-stitched the alphabet squares and pieced the cross-stitch squares and fabric squares together.  Then she got busy (a lot of grandchildren arrived in a few short years and she was - and is - a very hands-on involved grandmother - the very best!) and put the quilt aside and didn't finish it.  A few years ago she gave it to me to finish, and while I went ahead and put the batting and backing on, and quilted it, I waited until Kate was pregnant to figure out what to use for binding.  Last week I finally found a fabric that I liked, so I cut and sewed and ironed and pinned and stitched and today.... it is complete. 

So please come on, Liam!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In those circumstances, I'd be too nervous to knit anything other than a cotton dishcloth or a Mason-Dixon bib! - Lora

3:36 PM  

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