Monday, December 11, 2006

Sam is 5 today

Today is Sam's 5th birthday. We gave him his gifts last night and recounted the story of his birth for him. I got all choked up and started boo-hooing, but managed to tell it all. The children were able to corroborate for him all the details, and they all remembered waiting anxiously at the home of friends of ours from church, then giving a mighty cheer when the phone rang with the news of Sam's safe birth. Even last night a couple of the children grumped about not getting to see or hold Sam until the day following his birth - hey, we're sorry, but it was late!

Today he played with the TinkerToys we gave him, his Pirates of the Caribbean props from Jacy, and ate the candy Sarah, Joan, and David gave him. This afternoon he proudly determined the exact spot on the bedroom wall for the Star Wars poster from Marley and Tom. William called from Florida to wish Sam a "Happy Birthday!" and the grandparents came by with a card and a new book for him.

Later this week a family from church is coming over to play and eat supper with us in celebration of Sam's birthday, then we get ready for Jacy's birthday.



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