Saturday, May 12, 2007

Painted brick

Dy has a brick house and she isn't happy with the look of it. She's trying to come up with ideas of changing the look temporarily, until they remove the brick and put up stone or stucco, and all I could think of was paint.

Our house is wood, built on brick piling. At some point, the house was skirted with brick, and it was painted a very dark green. I'm fine with it. But it isn't my entire house, so I might feel differently if the whole house were painted brick.

My neighbors across the street have a brick house, and it is painted - brick red. It is lovely.



Blogger Donna Boucher said...

Good pictures showing good examples of painted brick.
I like it.
I, of course, thought of white....
but I really like the painted red house!
I am going to google painted brick houses and see if there are more examples floating out there in cyberspace!
Good job!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Dy said...

Oh, wow, that red looks stunning! I don't know if our little low-roofed ranch-style could hang with that, but it gives me ideas. And ideas are good. Thank you.

Honestly, if the brick was a more neutral shade of brick, and had been laid by master masons, and wasn't what Zorak's friend Ward calls "a hog wall" - meaning the quality of the bricklaying is only good for slopping the hogs, and he's right - we'd probably be willing to keep it. But it wasn't, and those colors... *sigh*

I still love the house, though. :-)

Thanks for sharing the pictures and ideas!


12:51 PM  

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