Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We are here

Steve had business in Nashville and he invited David, Sam and me to tag along. We arrived Monday afternoon and have been having a great time.

Yesterday the boys and I had the car to ourselves, so we explored a bit of Brentwood. After breakfast at the hotel, and a swim in the indoor swimming pool, we headed over to Threaded Bliss Yarns for sock yarn. Emily and Dana helped me enormously - they settled the boys in a comfy spot with something to keep them occupied and happy while I looked at all their yarn. As soon as I found a couple of skeins of Colinette's Jitterbug Emily offered to wind them up for me. She wound up three skeins of sock yarn while I looked around the store.

I found some more yarn, but decided to take them home to wind because I wanted the boys to have some time to do what they liked, too.

For lunch we found a Chik-Fil-A with an indoor play place. The boys ate, then played while I read.

After about an hour of play/reading we walked over to Borders bookstore. David found a couple of books, Sam found a pirate book that came with a few props, and I found three books.

We read for a while at the store, then paid for our books and headed over to Harris Teeter grocery store so that Sam could get a balloon, a cookie, and ride Harry the dragon. I also got a nightlight for our hotel suite (Marriot hotels have nightlights in the bathroom, this Hilton hotel does not), and some olives and goat cheese to go with the sourdough baguettes we have in the room at the hotel.

Steve got back around 5:30 and we all went out to eat for David's birthday dinner. Because it was for his birthday, he chose the restaurant. It was Steak 'n Shake and David had a steakburger, fries, onion rings, and a chocolate shake. He was very happy.

We drove around Franklin (another pretty place) looking for a Dick's Sporting Goods so we could get David his birthday gift. On the way we found a Birkenstock store. Steve desperately needed good shoes for business wear, and we found them. Sam needed larger Crocs, so he got a pair, and I was daring and bought a pair of Merrell shoes that were half-price to try.

This is the first time in over three years that I will try to wear something other than Birkenstocks. I'm hoping my feet can take it. If not, I didn't spend a lot finding it out.

After that, we found the sporting goods store. Next to it was a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store, so I went there while the guys did their guy-shopping. I found some bright, large skeins of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn for dishcloths.

Our last stop was the Book Gallery, where all the books were half-price or less. Steve, David and Sam got more books, and then we headed back to the hotel.



Anonymous Penny said...

Absolutely beautiful fiber. I want to go, too!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I already told them you and I would be stopping by on April 9! The Borders is just a block or two down the street from them - and they didn't yet know about the Yarn Harlot's visit, although they said the last time she came to Nashville she came to their store and they had 127 people crammed in there!

1:27 PM  
Blogger Wool Winder said...

A full and fun day! Love the yarn!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Carmon Friedrich said...

How fun, Laura! All the places you visited sound like the places I would choose, too, but that's not a surprise! I am curious about that Jonah Goldberg book so make sure to let us know what you think of it.


5:56 PM  

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