Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can we keep it?

Sarah works at the library. Today a woman brought in a kitten she'd found outside, and asked if someone could keep it, as she was not allowed to have pets in her house. "Someone" took the kitten, buttoned it up in her sweater, and walked over to the museum where I was working to ask if she could keep it. I am not the authority on pet matters and I referred "Someone" to talk to her father instead. So she walked home, made a bed for the feline and got it some food, then went back to work. (Dad was on the phone and could not talk at the time.) After work she talked to her father and we now have a new kitten. (Honestly, I think every member of this family, myself included, has "sucker" written on his or her forehead.)

Kitten goes to the vet this afternoon to be checked over for parasites, illness, and to find out whether it is male or female.

Earlier this month, on the 3rd, Tom and Karins' cat, Delilah - which we all considered to be the family cat - was run over by a car and died. Delilah was a stray kitten that took up with us in July of 2007. She was the best cat. We're hoping this kitty will be as good a pet as she was.



Blogger Donna Boucher said...

Aw! Kitty love :o)

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