Saturday, October 14, 2006


We had a pretty typical Saturday, which is always nice. Steve and I had coffee and read the paper out on the porch. Marley and Sam joined us. They came shuffling out cradling coffee cups and looking cute. I thought they were drinking water out of the mugs, but it was coffee! With lots of sugar and milk. And they drank every drop.

David spent last night with Will, so he was gone all day. Sarah, Joan, and Jacy left early this morning. Sarah and Joan had to work at the bookstore all day. Jacy went to Panera to study for her biology test next week, then went to get her hair cut. Diana went with her to lend her support and encouragement. My sweet baby Jane is now shorn of her lovely long hair. Her new hair-cut does look nice, and since she hasn't cut it since she was 9 or 10 she does look older - almost 18.

Steve watched football out in his man-cave. I caught up all the laundry, cleaned a little, bought some groceries at Piggly-Wiggly, and made 10 (yes, that's TEN!) loaves of Amish friendship bread. (Thanks, Glenn and Amy!) Marley and I delivered three loaves of the bread to the T's down the street, the C's across the street, and to Chuck and Kim. We wrapped and froze three loaves to take to the R's next week, and will give away three more tomorrow and keep one for us.

I read a bit in Sophie's World. Steve asked for supper to be delivered to him in the man-cave because the Auburn-Florida game was starting soon. The girls went to eat dinner at Moe's after they got off work, then came home. They volunteered to bring food for their Sunday school class tomorrow, so someone will be getting up early to bake the cinnamon rolls and sausage rolls they're taking. Steve says he'll be up early to make poached eggs, so maybe he'll be doing it. Tom called and we talked a bit. He's looking forward to Christmas break and coming home (yay!). Glenn called and talked football with Steve.

I thought I'd be watching Westerns and knitting on Dad's cardigan today, but I'm not at all disappointed in how the day turned out. And Auburn beat Florida.



Blogger Amber Dawn said...

So, I definitely have a lot to catch up here on your blog...but I'm going to do it! Tell Jacy I LOVE her hair cut! It looks SOOOOO good on her!! way to go! I miss you guys!

11:39 PM  
Blogger Jeannine said...

Hey, that was a big win Auburn had over Florida!

My children love drinking coffee with lots of milk and sugar too--as though I really need my little guys more energized than they already are. . .

7:31 PM  

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