Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old Friend Pullover

Jacy says her sweater is warm. She'll get to try it in Massachusetts next week. Who knows?-- maybe I will knit more of these for the rest of the children soon. (Details on the sweater here.)



The simple pullover I started for Jacy last month is finished. I blocked the pieces, seamed them together, crocheted a border for the wrists and neck, and gave the sweater to her last night. Yesterday was delightfully warm, but today the wintry air is back so I should be able to get a picture of Jacy in her "blanket that you wear" today. Sarah, Joan, and Sam all say that they want a sweater like Jacy's. I'm hesitant to make any promises because I have a backlog of knitting to do for others already. Maybe... .


Friday, December 17, 2010

Sam's new blanket

Sam's blanket is done, and he is happy with it. I used less than a full skein of each of the twelve colors he chose, and crocheted a border in gray yarn. All the girls saw it and each says she wants one out of the same colors. However, all of the girls except for Marley have their own knit blankets and I think I've got the ripple afghan out of my system - for a while, anyway!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning something new

Last Saturday Steve made what he termed "a command decision" (old Marine habits die hard) and upgraded my phone. My cellphone was almost 5 years old, worked perfectly well, and I understood it. But Steve feared that its days were numbered, and he didn't want me to be in a place or situation where I had a cellphone that was not functioning.

I am very grateful for his loving concern. However, I'm wondering how, after 28 years of marriage, he could have ever imagined that his choice of phone was the right one. I had mentioned to him before that when I got a new phone, I needed to get the simplest, most basic model available. He came home with a Blackberry. He's had one for years and loves it. But Steve is like a sleek cigarette boat - quick, agile, able to spin around in the water and race from point to point. I am like a slow-moving tugboat - no, better yet, I'm like a heavy, awkward barge that the tugboat moves. I can be pushed in a direction or I can be pulled in a direction. But forget about turning or making sudden starts or stops.

Thankfully, I have many children willing to help me learn this phone ("Mom, that's YOUR phone ringing - you need to answer it") and a Christmas break coming up that might afford me the time to familiarize myself with the manual.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Definitely worth the wait

When we moved into this house with its three outbuildings Steve said to me, "You're going to have a yarn studio where you can sew and spin and knit."

That was five years and many plans ago. Earlier this week Steve moved his office to another outbuilding. I scrubbed his former space. David, Marley, Sam, Steve and I moved furniture, bins, and books yesterday. Today I have a yarn studio.

Now the question is, how often can I get out there?

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