Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trip Around the World Blanket - all done!

The Trip Around the World blanket for Tom is finally done. I crocheted a border on it and wove in all the ends, took pictures of it on Joan's double bed, and am ready to give it to Tom. He has a queen-size bed, but I think the blanket will cover it, too.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Better not quit my day job

Two weeks ago I decided that it was time to paint the family room. Despite my preference for bright white walls, I bought yellow paint and started painting. Steve was out of town, and when he returned to the chaos and the beginning of yellow walls he was dubious as to the wisdom of my choice. Fortunately, the color looked much nicer as it dried, and the children and Steve all said they liked it. So I continued moving furniture and books and painted those walls.

While I was at it, I thought I might as well go ahead and get rid of the ugly blinds that covered the family room windows and replace them with curtains. I wanted white curtains, but could not find any in the style I had in mind. So I bought blue. And the family likes them.

Sadly, my paint job was not up to Joan's standards (she had been away at camp, and she is the best painter) so she offered to re-do some places and touch up the ceiling where I'd gotten yellow paint streaks in my slap-happy exuberance. Now it looks much better and I think the room is done.

I think the laundry room would look nice painted a high-gloss bright white... .


Monday, July 12, 2010

Thrifting with Joan

Joan and I went to several thrift stores last week, looking for items she will use this fall at school, and for a shower curtain and curtain rings for our upstairs bath.

The new thrift stores were disappointing, both in selection and in display, but our favorite store delivered plenty of finds.

For her walls, Joan found a framed print and a wall sculpture of hammered and welded metal that she'd been admiring for months. One of the thrift store employees told us the story behind that particular piece of art, and told Joan she could have it at a much lower price than it was marked.

She also found a couple of ornamental dishes that she liked...

...two brightly colored flower plates, two new beaded picture frames, and two clutch purses, also new.

While Joan was shopping, I found a pink straw purse with silk and bead flowers embroidered on it, a cotton full-size sheet to use as quilt backing, and an oval linen tablecloth with just a small stain - perfect for using outside.

We rounded out our purchases with a few Pyrex and Fire King pieces to use at home.

No shower curtain or curtain rings this time! Going over to Apron Thrift Girl to see what others found last week... .


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Book purge

It's time for my annual summer book purge. In a few weeks I'll start planning the school year for David, Marley, and Sam. Before I plan, I go through our personal library, see what I'd like to use for the year, and cull any books that we're not likely to use again.

With only three children left at home to teach, and those getting older by the minute, I'm going to try to get rid of more books than I usually do. This year I hope to weed out two thousand books. At least. Yesterday in just over an hour I pulled 15 boxes averaging 16 books per box.

All the books will be donated to a used-book store, and Tom will deliver them for me and bring the boxes back so I can refill them. I think I may reach my goal in just a few days and I'm hopeful that the books will be read and used by someone else.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exhibit 1

My "Jury Duty" socks. I did take a book with me, too, but for the two weeks I sat in the court room and jury room doing my civic duty I worked on these socks most of the time. They're knit with Noro yarn on size 2 needles, and I was distressed to find two knots in the yarn! Unheard of, quite annoying, and oh, so obvious in the sock on the right.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Your roof is beautiful."

It's so nice to hear the insurance man say that our roof looks beautiful and that the reason for the leak is a cracked shingle - a minor repair will take care of it.

Bowie is well again and enjoying his doggie life. The 4th of July is near and extended family will gather at the lake to celebrate together. Sam is healthy and no one else is sick.

Next up on the horizon: cleaning out cupboards and closets and getting kids off to camp.

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