Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sanctity of Life Week

This year, Sanctity of Life Sunday and Sanctity of Life Week are especially poignant for our family. My daughter, Joan, is pregnant and her baby is due mid-summer. She wrote this letter to her baby last night, and allowed me to share it.

"Dear baby,
Right now you are thirteen weeks old. You can hear and your vocal chords and teeth buds are forming. Every week you grow more, and can do more things. Your life is a blessing, and truly amazing.

I didn't plan on having you at age eighteen, but God did. He knew from before I was born, that I would have you at only eighteen. He knows now if you are a boy or girl, and He has a plan for your life, as well as mine. No, I didn't plan on having you. And when I found out I was scared, because I'm not married yet. But your daddy and I are going to be married a month after you are born. And we both love you so much! We cannot wait for you to get here.

Baby, you have turned my life upside down in the best possible way. I wasn't living my life according to what God would want, and I distanced myself from him, and was into bad things that I shouldn't have been into. I wasn't praying daily anymore like I used to. I never touched my Bible. And I definitely wasn't going to church. But God had a plan to save me, and His plan was you.

Telling everyone was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, baby. Especially my parents. I love my parents so much, but I sinned when I conceived you. But I wouldn't take it back for the world, this is what God had planned. Even so, I was in the wrong, and I knew that. And I was scared to tell my parents. I knew they would be sad, and disappointed, and even angry. But my sweet child, I never could abort you. I have always been Pro Life, but when it comes down to living out my belief, and not aborting you, it was hard. I knew I wouldn't do it, even if it was the easier way out. Your life is a miracle. And I smile every day because I know God made a beautiful creature that grows inside me every day. I get up and go to my classes at Auburn University even when I really don't want to, for you. I'm striving to get A's in all my classes because I want to be able to finish college and get a good job so I can help your daddy support you. I want you to have a wonderful life, and I pray that you seek God every day of it.

I also want you to know about how many other wonderful people you have out here who already love you and cannot wait to meet you. You have two sets of grandparents, and even some great-grandparents! You have four sweet aunts, and five loving uncles! You also have four cousins and many many other family member that love you.

I wrote this letter to you because it is the sanctity of life week, and I want you to know about how your life started. I also want you to know that I love you so much, and God loves you more than you can fathom. I will love you forever, and I will always be here for you.
Your Mommy"


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brad's Auburn socks

Brad wanted orange and blue socks for his second pair of handknit socks, so I found two skeins of Opal sock yarn in the appropriate colors and started knitting. They were finished in time for him to take them to Arizona and wear to the BCS National Championship game. And Auburn won!

Now I'll use the leftover yarn to knit David a pair of Auburn socks, with the colors reversed.

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